Gas or Liquid Relief Valves - 1,500 through 60,000 psi

High Pressure Equipment offers a line of relief valves designed to protect a system from over-pressure damage and failure for gas or liquid service. They offer these valves in a factory set style with settings made and tagged accordingly prior to being shipped and a field adjustable style both of which have 316 stainless steel bodies and seat glands.

The factory set relief valves offer pressure ranges from 1,500 through 60,000 psi and 17-4PH stainless steel removable seats and pistons. Viton O-ring is standard on the piston and the valves may be used up to 350 F. These factory set relief valves are not recommended for use below 1,500 psi and are not readily adjustable in the field without proper test equipment. Inlet connections are for 9/16" O.D. tubing with adapters available for other sizes. Outlet connections are 1/2" NPT.

HIP's field adjustable relief valves are available in pressure ranges from 1,000 through 20,000 psi. These valves are not recommended for use under 1,000 psi and are readily adjustable in the field. Inlet connection: 1/4" NPT-HIP-10RV; HF4-HIP-20RV. Outlet connections are 1/4" NPT.


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