High Pressure Equipment Company offers an extensive selection of accessory components to enable you to completely plumb a fluid system. These accessories allow you to move from tube to tube, tube to pipe, facilitate system pressure changes and monitor the temperatures and pressures within your system. 
Adapters are available in both female to male and male to male configurations. Adapter models exist for all HiP connections and in the various pressure ranges to complement our valve and fitting lines. 
Couplings enable you to make a wide variety of female to female connections. As with our adapters, couplings accommodate our complete line of valves and fittings. In addition, reducer couplings allow you to reduce line size within a given pressure range. 
Thermocouple adapters are an excellent method to provide for temperature measurement in pressure systems up to 15,000 psi. 
Pressure gauges are available in seven models to monitor system pressures ranging from atmosphere to 100,000 psi.


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