Subsea Ball Valves


In today's offshore oil and gas industry, wells have become deeper than ever, causing a growing demand for subsea ball valves that can withstand extreme pressures and harshest environments. As a leader in developing ways to provide effective shut off under increasing temperature and pressure requirements at greater depths, High Pressure Equipment offers subsea ball valves that provide safe and reliable operation at very high external pressures.

High Pressure Equipment's Subsea Ball Valves feature their reliable trunion style ball design and incorporate the required design modifications for ideal performance in critical subsea systems. HiP offers the industry's widest range of subsea valve sizes, these valves are available in 2 or 3 way configurations with 180° operation or 90° diverter styles in .187", .375" and .500" orifices and 10, 15 and 20,000 psi pressure ranges.

Subsea Valve Features

  • Trunion style ball design
  • 316 cold-worked SS construction
  • Two and three-way valve configurations
  • 90° diverter or 180° styles
  • .187", .375" and .500" orifices
  • PEEK ball seats, which offers excellent resistance to chemicals, heat and wear/abrasion
  • Optional O-rings available
  • Optional wetted materials
  • Available to NACE MR-01-75
Subsea valves

.187 Orifice Subsea Ball Valves
.187 Orifice Subsea Ball Valves

.375 Orifice Subsea Ball Valves

.500 Orifice Subsea Ball Valves

.500 Orifice Subsea Ball Valves

.375 Orifice Subsea Ball Valves


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