Wellhead Gauge Valves

• One inlet and three outlet ports 
• Packing located below stem threads 
• Metal-to-metal seat for bubble tight shut-off 
• Two piece non-rotating stem for standard service valves 
• One piece stem for sour gas service 
• Designed for line sampling or instrument calibration

  • • Tee handle for easy operation 
    • Vent port tapped for safe plumbing 
    • Positive blow-out prevention on stem 
    • Metal-to-metal seat for bubble tight shut-off 
    • One piece hex construction for easy installation 
    • Compatible with standard API test and gauge connections for 20,000 psi 
    • Designed for pressure bleeding

Wellhead Gauge Valves

ID: 236: Wellhead Gauge Valves:106:1:12

Bleed Valves

ID: 237: Bleed Valves:106:2:12


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