Sprague Double-Acting

Hydraulic Pump Power Units

Sprague S-440-JD double-acting hydraulic power units are assembled with compatible accessories, ready for portable power supply or for stationary use within a hydraulic system.

The “JD” power units include the selected type “JD” pump, see pages 22 and 23, air filter, pressure regulator, liquid and airpressure gauges, air lubricator, valves, fittings and mounting base.

S-440-JD-6.8 Services oil, liquid refrigerants, many corrosive chemicals and low lubricity liquids.

S-440-JD-34 Services oil, water and many corrosive liquids.
S-440-JD-36 Services oil and non-corrosive liquids. Not for water service.
S-440-JD-60 Uses lubricated driving air. Services petroleum or water based hydraulic fluids.
S-440-JDN-60 Uses clean, dry driving air. For cleanroom or laboratory use.


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