JB Series Hand Pumps

94301-( )

This single-acting, piston type hand pump is ideal for hydrostatic testing and other industrial applications that require low volumes at high pressures.

The pump’s stainless steel liquid body assembly (wetted section) is identical to and interchangeable with the liquid body assembly in the S-216-J-( ) standard pump, so the hand pump will service water, oil and most corrosive chemicals.

Directional control of the liquid through the pump is maintained through the inlet and outlet soft seat, zero leakage, check valves.

The pump is seven inches high from its base to the top of the pumping mechanism. The handle extends twenty-four inches and is furnished with a rubber grip.

The pump has two threaded mounting holes provided on the underside of the liquid body. The -35, -60,-100 and -101 pumps may be installed below or no more than two feet above the liquid source. The -125, -150, -200 and -300 pumps must be installed with the pump inlet below the liquid source.

Nominal Dimensions and Clearances

Mounting Dimension – Bottom View


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