Ordering Information

The Sprague J and JB series pumps all start with S-216 as a standard part number. These pumps feature a 6 inch drive piston and are offered in the following nominal ratios:

10:1, 20:1 & 30:1 – J pumps
35:1, 60:1 & 100:1 – J pumps or JB pumps
101:1, 125:1, 150:1, 200:1 & 300:1 – JB pumps

JB series pumps include a bushing for improved wear life. The J and JB pump standard models are intended for use with lubricated air. The following optional configurations are also available:

N = Standard, non-lubricated air

D = Double-acting, lubricated air

DN = Double-acting, non-lubricated air

R = Standard with reservoir, lubricated air

NR = Standard with reservoir, non-lubricated air

S = Non-contaminating, separated, lubricated air

SN = Non-contaminating, separated, non-lubricated air

The appropriate letter(s) for these options are added directly after the J or JB pump is specified (see below). A dash follows and then a number which indicates the pump or booster nominal pump ratio.

Example: S-216-J-60 = 60:1 pump nominal ratio.

-HO = For increased flow capacity, high output pumps are also available, indicated after the ratio.

How to Order Pumps

To order a hydraulic pump or power unit, select a pump ratio based on the liquid pressure and flow requirements and the available air pressure to operate the pump. Refer to the Pump Ratio Selection Charts on page 17. By adjusting the driving air supply at the pressure regulator, the pump can produce any liquid output pressure between 25% and 100% of rated pressure. For example, a separated, non-lubricated pump is desired for a system requiring 1,000 psi liquid discharge pressure with a 170 cubic inch per minute flow rate capacity, with an available air supply of 100 psi. From the Pump Ration Selection Chart, a suitable pump nominal ratio will be 35:1.

Order Example

The part number for this pump would be: S-216-JSN-35


  • The standard S-216-J pump has a stainless-steel liquid body and is furnished with nitrile O-rings.
  • JB series pumps use a wear resistant polyurethane piston seal to reduce maintenance frequency.
  • Sprague pumps can also be furnished with other O-ring materials including FKM, Neoprene, EPR. Consult factory for other soft seal compounds. For questions regarding liquid/seal compatibility, contact Sprague Products for recommendations for the seal compound suited to the application.


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