Performance & Applications

Sprague PumpThe Sprague air driven positive-displacement type pump converts air inlet pressure to hydraulic output pressure. The pump uses low pressure air to act on a large area piston to produce high hydraulic pressure with a small area piston.

In operation, the pump reciprocates rapidly until the system liquid pressure nears the desired level, then slows to a stop when the liquid pressure equals or balances the air pressure. This liquid-air pressure balance is maintained indefinitely in a holding condition with minimal energy consumption or parts movement and with no increase in fluid temperature.

In contrast, a motor driven pump in a holding condition must continue to operate to maintain a pressure level. Excess liquid must be bypassed or recirculated back to the reservoir, resulting in energy loss, heat build-up, and the need for bypass components and a larger reservoir.

The Sprague pump is efficient in operation and simple in design. Compared to other types of hydraulic pumps, it provides cost effective and energy saving benefits for many industrial and research applications.

Hydrostatic Testing Applications

The Sprague air driven pump offers economical advantages for the pressure testing of hoses, pipes, valves, fittings and other hydraulic vessels and products. The time saving and performance advantages offered by these pumps allow routine production testing to be converted from tedious hand-pump methods to automatic and precision testing methods.

Production Machinery Applications

The Sprague air driven pump delivers high pressure liquids required by production machinery for holding, clamping, forming, shearing, punching, etc. An application example: a hydraulic press where long holding cycles are necessary or where the work stroke is short and a high force is required. High and low volume pumps can be combined to produce a combination of high speed and high force at low cost.

No Need For Central Power Source

Because Sprague air driven pumps are relatively small, they can be installed directly on individual machines or test equipment in separate locations as direct power sources. Pumps so mounted eliminate need for a central power system, long plumbing runs and excess hydraulic power capacity.

Safe Operation

Unlike motor driven pumps, Sprague air driven pumps are non-arcing and non-sparking, and can be used safely in hazardous or confined areas.

Simpler Maintenance

When compared to other air driven pumps, Sprague pumps do the same job, but with fewer parts and seals for simpler maintenance.


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