Separated JS Pumps


S-216-JS-( )

The design feature of this “JS” type pump is the mechanical separation of the liquid portion from the air driven portion of the pump. This allows the pump to service contaminate-free fluids or fluids for human consumption.

Other applications may include liquids for food processing, liquids for atomic energy use, proof testing of pressure vessels such as oxygen and nitrogen bottles, injecting corrosive inhibitors into pipe lines or for other specialized uses.

The mechanical separation prevents undesirable elements or contaminates, normally present in compressed air or lubricants, from contacting the contaminate-free liquid being pumped. The separation also permits removal of the stainless steel liquid body (same body as S-216-J pump) for service or substitution with optional liquid bodies and liquid pistons to change the rated output pressure without disturbing the pump’s driving side. Refer to the Pump Ratio Selection Charts.

Like the “J” type basic pump, this “JS” pump uses lubricated driving air for the air driven portion of the pump. Mounting brackets are included as part of the pump assembly.

S-216-JSN-( )

This pump is suitable for cleanroom or laboratory use. It has the same mechanical separation features as the model S-216-JS pump. Additionally, the “JSN” pump uses clean, dry air; thus no contaminates are added to the pump’s exhaust air. The air section of the pump has self-lubricating seals.

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