PowerStar 4 Gas Boosters

Advanced Gas Boosters

The PowerStar™4B gas booster is a reciprocating, single or double or dual stage air operated unit. It uses an air-piloted unbalanced type air directional valve to cycle the booster.


  • Works off compressed air supplies
  • Operates quietly
  • Features mechanical separation between air drive and boosted gas
  • Compatible with most gases

The Principles of Operation

The PowerStar™4B gas booster operates on the differential piston area principle. A large area piston, driven at low air pressures, drives a small area compression piston which converts input gas to higher pressure. The output gas or discharge pressure is determined by the ratio between the area of the drive piston, the operating air pressure and the available precharge pressure supply.

The function of the precharge pressure is to charge the high pressure cylinder inside the booster with gas, reducing the time needed to reach higher pressures. In double-ended gas boosters, the precharge gas adds power to the compression stroke.

The Actual Operation

The PowerStar™4B gas booster works rapidly at first, then slows and stops at a pressure balance. The booster holds the pressure balance indefinitely, assuming no leakage. When a pressure imbalance occurs, the booster automatically restarts and restores the pressure balance. During operation, exhaust air from the air drive section cools the high pressure boosting chamber.

The Gas Booster in Action

Whether you use gas above normal cylinder pressure or require continuous high pressure and want to get the most out of the cylinder’s gas supply, the PowerStar™4B Series is for you! It assures the optimum use of commercially-bottled gas. Some units draw a vacuum.

The applications for this versatile gas booster are extensive and include:

Aviation and Aerospace
  • Static and dynamic testing of valves and components at overhaul facilities
  • Inflating high pressure aircraft tires
  • Instrument calibration
  • Air bag testing
  • Gas spring charging systems for die and mold manufacturers
  • Accumulator charging
  • Heel recovery from cylinders for gas transfer
  • Gas blanketing
  • Filling air tanks from larger cylinders
  • Testing air pressure regulators
  • Gas mixing
Fire Protection
  • Filling breathing air cylinders
  • Mobile filling stations for firefighters
  • Halon and CO2 charging
Fluid Power
  • Testing hoses and valves
  • Testing and calibrating gas components
  • Accumulator charging
Machine Tools
  • Power clamping
  • Quick die change
  • Ejecting parts from molds
  • Gas injection
  • Injecting nitrogen into aerosol cans

PowerStar™ 4 Gas Booster Performance Data

TABLE 1 Approximate performance based on a maximum air consumption of 50 SCFM

Table 2 Approximate performance based on a maximum air consumption of 50 SCFM

PowerStar™ 4 Gas Booster - Models, Porting & Dimensions


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