High-Volume Hydraulic Power Pack

HiP’s new high-volume hydraulic power packs provide a compact, self-contained power source that is reliable and robust. These packs are ideal for applications such as pressure testing of large ID pipelines, hose umbilicals, wellhead control valves; chemical injection including methanol and glycol; pre-charge of hydraulic accumulators; operation of Sub-Sea Valves; and re-fill and pre-pressurization of high pressure and high volume test systems.

High-volume power packs come fully assembled and complete with fluid inlet strainer, air filter, regulator, lubricator gauge & pump on/off valve, 6” dia. panel mtd pressure gauge, pressure release valve, all interconnecting adaptors and pipework and a robust painted framework. A range of options are available.


  • Output pressures to 21,600 psi
  • 16.8 in³ output
  • Ability to stall at any predetermined pressure and hold this pressure without consuming power or generating heat
  • Infinitely variable cycling speed and flow
  • Reliable, easy to maintain, compact and robust
  • Dual seals between hydraulic and air sections with captured vent port as standard

Construction Materials

  • Hydraulic Section – Mainly stainless steels with water and/or oil service duty seals
  • Air Drive Section – Mainly anodised aluminium with Buna N seals
  • Special Seal Compounds for handling special fluids or chemicals are available

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