High Flow Air Driven Pumps (ID=207)

High Flow Pumps

Sprague's high flow air driven pumps have pressures to 20,000 psi with double ended or double acting configurations and are suitable for water, oil and chemical applications.

S-216-JD Pump

A hydraulic double acting pump designed to move relatively large flows of liquid at low to moderate pressures

  • 4 ratios, with a pressure range of 0 – 6,000 psig
  • Double Acting 6"
  • Delivers liquid with each stroke direction of the liquid piston
  • Internal check valve in liquid piston head to obtain a double-acting, steady flow of liquid
  • Designed for hydrostatic testing
  • Ideal for powering hydraulic tools
  • Seal material options

S-218-200D Pump

A double ended, single acting hydraulic pump that produces high pressure liquid flows up to 2-1/2 gallons per minute and pressures up to 20,000 psig

  • One Ratio
  • Double ended
  • Fewer moving parts and seals for easy maintenance
  • Designed for hydrostatic testing
  • The pump services water, oil and other compatible chemicals
  • Weight: 85 lbs
  • Dimensions: 28.5" X 10-5/8" X 12-1/2"

S-218-GJC Pump

A 10.5 hp, double-acting, hydraulic pump designed to service oil, water and compatible chemicals that can be used in a wide variety of temperatures and other hostile environments. Being air-driven, the pump is safe for use in confined areas.

  • 2 Ratios
  • Double acting 8"
  • Max output pressure to 6,000 psig
  • Designed for hydrostatic testing
  • Machine operations and charging accumulator
  • Stainless steel and chrome-plated steel liquid pumping section
  • Compatible with most non-abrasive liquids
  • Weight: 85 lbs
  • Dimensions: 29" X 10-5/8" X 12-1/2"

Pump Controller

For technical support on Sprague products, please contact: pumpsales@highpressure.com


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