S-216-J J-Pump


The air-driven J pump is efficient in operation and has a reliable and energy efficient design, providing cost effective savings benefits for many industrial and research applications.

Air driven pumps are non-arcing and non-sparking, and can be used safely in confined areas. When compared to other air driven pumps, Sprague Products pumps do the same job, but with fewer parts and seals for easy maintenance.

The Sprague air driven pump delivers high pressure liquids, required by production machinery. Applications include: hydrostatic testing of hose, pipe, tubing, pressure gauges, cylinders, transducers, valves, tools, tanks, pressure vessels and leak testing; hydraulic operations such as punch and pin presses, clamping devices, chucks and valve actuation; tooling and tightening functions such as bolt tensioning and torque wrenches; and lifting tables, beam jacking, and aircraft jacking. Pump Configurator

  • Suitable for water, oil and a wide range of liquids
  • Easily maintained, non-electric control
  • 6" air drive motor with snap action pilot valve
  • All stainless wetted section, nitrile standard
  • Dimensions: 10" X 10" X 11"
  • Liquid seal options: Viton®, Neoprene, EPR or polyurethane
  • Air seal options: JN, JBN - lubrication not required
  • Laboratories, food service, clean rooms
  • Separation options: JS, JNS, JBS, JBNS
  • Protects air drive

  • 6 ratios 10:1 to 100:1 nominal
  • pressures to 9,100 psig (627 bar)
  • Classic style - proven reliability
  • ½" NPT, 100 psi (7 bar) max drive air
  • 3/8 " NPT inlet, 3/8" NPT outlet liquid connections
  • Has peek bushing for improved seal life, easier maintenance and no metal to metal contact
  • 8 ratios 35:1 to 300:1 nominal
  • pressures to 36,500 psig (2516.6 bar)
  • Classic style - with peek bushing
  • ½" NPT, 100 psi (7 bar) max drive air
  • ¼ " NPT inlet, ¼" HPCT outlet liquid connections

Pump Controller

For technical support on Sprague products, please contact: pumpsales@highpressure.com


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