S-86-JN - Gas Booster

S-86-JN Gas BoosterSingle or double-ended, self lube, Pressures to 13,500 psi

  • 7 single ended ratios
  • 3 double ended ratios
  • Pressures up to 13,500 psig
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Uses self-lubricating seals
  • Compatible with a wide range of common gases
  • Being air-driven, these boosters are non-sparking and safe
  • Suitable for general use, in cleanrooms or laboratories
  • Power Units are available

Sprague Products boosters have been designed to convert pre-charge low gas pressures to higher gas pressures. The boosters offer a cost effective way to compress shop air or bottled gas to meet various requirements for higher pressure, lower volume air or gas.

Developed for Industrial applications including charging accumulators, inflating high pressure tires or charging shock struts from lower pressure supply sources, the transferring of gas from a supply cylinder to another container or the actuating of air chucks in machine tools. The Sprague booster can be installed as a component or can be supplied as a ready-to-use power package.kage.

For technical support on Sprague products, please contact: pumpsales@highpressure.com


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