Air Operated Hydraulic Pumping Systems: 50,000 psi

• Model PS-10: 10,000 psi 
• Model PS-20: 20,000 psi 
• Model PS-30: 30,000 psi 
• Model PS-40: 40,000 psi 
• Model PS-50: 50,000 psi 
• Model PS-90: 90,000 psi 
High Pressure air operated hydraulic pumping systems are complete, self-contained units and ready to operate. Just hook up standard shop air supply (maximum 100 psi) to connection supplied on the side of the console. Discharge capacities range to 64 in3/min. 

Standard Features

System includes hydraulic oil reservoir, oil filter, air operated hydraulic pump, pressure gauge, panel mounted high pressure valves, safety head assembly, panel mounted air regulator and gauge and air line filter and lubricator. All components are enclosed in a steel console with only the back exposed. Dimensions of standard systems are 26" wide, 24" deep and 40" high.




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