G-JR Chemical Injection Pumps

Low Cost Chemical Pumps

The Graco G-JR is an ideal chemical injection pumping solution that has been engineered to offer reliable chemical dosing at a low cost. Built from the same quality standards as other Graco chemical injection pumps, the G-JR is simple to operate, easy to service and offers the lowest up front cost. Offered in DC solar or AC electric, the pumps come standard with the Harrier™ EZ-JR controller which offers a similar set of features as the current Harrier EZ controller.

Simple Design

  • Single plunger size
  • One seal material option
  • UHMWPE seal
  • Ideal for chemicals with pH levels between 4-9

Harrier EZ-JR

  • Controls injection rates via time mode
  • Optional temperature based dosing
  • Battery voltage display
  • Built in low voltage disconnect
  • Pump priming mode

Graco Quality

  • Designed to strict ISO safety standards
  • Proven technology
  • Low friction drivetrain for better electrical efficiency

Easy to Service

  • Easily replace pump in less than 10 minutes
  • Minimal tools required
  • Modular solar package

Flow & Pressure

Part No.VoltageMax Flow RateMax Working Pressure
25T650 12 VDC 32 QPD (30.3 LPD) 2000 PSI (137 Bar)
25T651 120 VAC

Technical Data

Maximum fluid working pressure 2000 psi (13.7 MPa. 137 bar)
Input Voltage
12 VDC
115 VAC
Maximum Input Current
16 A @ 12 VDC
3.0 A @ 115 VAC Single Phase
Environmental temperature range, ordinary location -40° - 120°F -40° - 50°C
Operating Temperature Range -0° - 100°F -18° - 38°C
Noise (dBa)
Maximum sound pressure < 70 dBa
Inlet/Outlet Sizes
Fluid inlet size 1/4 in. npt(f)
Fluid outlet size 1/4 in. npt(f)
Materials of Construction
Wetted materials on all models 300 Series SST, 400 Series SST, Coated Aluminum,
Silicon Nitride, Zirconium Nitride-Coated Tungsten Carbide, UHMWPE,FKM-ETP

Ordering Information

Part No.Description
25T650 12 VDC G-JR pump including Harrier EZ-JR controller and temperature probe
25T651 115 VAC G-JR pump including Harrier EZ-JR controller and temperature probe
25T652 Solar package including 12 VDC G-JR pump, battery box, stand and 50W solar panel
25T653 Solar package including 12 VDC G-JR pump, battery box, stand, without solar panel
25T620 Solar kit without panel including battery box and stand
25T564 Solar kit with 50W panel including battery box and stand

For technical support on TSeries Pumps, and Sprague products, please contact: pumpsales@highpressure.com

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