Python® XL-DA Pneumatically Operated Pumps

Ideal for Applications requiring higher flows at higher pressure

Python XL-DA series pumps are suitable for chemical injection applications that require higher flows at high pressures. These pumps operate on low gas or compressed air pressures and utilize the same Merkur® air motor used on other Graco products. The Graco patented high-efficiency air valve helps minimize fugitive emissions and gas recovery can be achieved on specific models. The Python XL-DA pumps fluid in both stroke directions which provides continuous flow operation and prevents the pump from air locking.

Double Acting

  • Pumps fluid in both directions of the stroke for increased flows
  • Provides continuous flow operation for better
    pump efficiencies

Self Priming

  • Anti-locking so air cannot get trapped inside air motor and stall pump
  • Pump can free itself of air and resume pumping without any adjustments

Ease of Serviceability

  • Simple pump design for quick seals replacement
  • Pumps are installed vertically for a reduced footprint
  • Minimum number of tools required

Environmentally friendly

  • Recoverable exhaust gas with kit
  • Less fugitive emissions
  • 4.5” air motors come ready for a gas recovery add-on kit

Plunger SizePneumatic
Motor Size
Maximum Working Pressure
psi (MPa, bar)
Maximum Pneumatic Inlet Pressure
psi (MPa, bar)
3/8 in 2.5 in. 4,440 (30.6, 306) 100 (0.69, 6.9)
1/2 in 1,905 (13.1, 131)
3/4 in 840 (5.8, 58)
1/2 in 3.5 in. 3,750 (25.9, 259))
3/4 in 1,650 (11.4, 114)
1 in 1,225 (8.4, 84)
1/2 in 4.5 in. 6,175 (42.6, 426)
3/4 in 2,730 (18.8, 188)
1 in 2,025 (14.0, 140)

Python XL-DA, Chromex Coated Plungers (CE Certified, Chromex Coated Plungers)

Seals/Plunger Size3/8"1/2"3/4"1"
2.5 in. Python XL-DA
HNBR A22200 A22206 A22212 A22218
TFE/P A22202 A22208 A22214 A22220
3.5 in. Python XL-DA
HNBR A22300 A22306 A22312 A22318
TFE/P A22302 A22308 A22314 A22320
4.5 in. Python XL-DA
HNBR A22400 A22406
TFE/P A22402 A22408

Python XL-DA25, Chromex Coated Plungers (CE Certified, Chromex Coated Plungers)

Seals/Plunger Size1/2"3/4"1"
6 in. Python XL-DA
HNBR A22600 A22606 A22612
FFKM A22601 A22607 A22613
7.5 in. Python XL-DA
HNBR A22700 A22706 A22712
FFKM A22701 A22707 A22713

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