PT2020 Pressure Testing Controller Systems

for Air Driven High Pressure Pumps

High Pressure Equipment Company introduces the first-of-its-kind Automated Controller System for air-driven high pressure hydraulic pumps. The new PT2020 Triple Pump Controller is designed to provide automated pressure control for a wide range of hydrostatic testing, including test benches that utilize three different pumps for specific operations in their pressure testing. Operators simply setup their test, press start and walk away... the PT2020 will automatically run the test, give a pass/fail reading and generate a test certification report.

The plug'n play PT2020 is an easy-to-use upgrade for any existing test bench using up to three manual pneumatic intensifier pumps and comes in five pressure ratings up to 75,000 psi. The PT2020 features an intuitive touch screen interface making test setup fast and easy. HiP's new pump controller is highly accurate and will save you money by freeing personnel to do other tasks while conducting hydrostatic tests.

PT2020 Features:

  • Industry-first automated controller for air-driven hydraulic pumps
  • Automated pressure control for hydrostatic test benches
  • Controls up to three different pumps simultaneously - pump 1 fill (on/off), pump 2 pressure control and pump 3 pressure control
  • Pressure cycle testing allows for multiple pressure cycles on a part from low to high pressure
  • Plug'n play upgrade for any pneumatic intensifier pump
  • Five pressure classes: 10,000 psi | 25,000 psi | 40,000 psi | 60,000 psi | 75,000 psi
  • Automated test certification reports
  • Easy-to-use touch screen interface
  • Simply setup test, hit start and walk away
  • Highly accurate
  • Control for a Dump Valve and Isolation Valve
  • FTP functionality allows PC to pull files from controller
  • Pressure alarm

Automated Pressure Testing

Manual Pressure Test

Simply select target pressure and ratio of pump and controller regulates air volume sent to pump and completes test

3 Pump Controller Test

New Triple Pump Function allows for control of pressure test benches using 3 pumps (see typical application below)

Precision Ramp Test

Ramp test allows for a pressure test to rise at a precise rate, such as increasing pressure at 500 psi/second

Pressure Cycle Test

Automated life cycle test running multiple pressure cycles from low to high pressure

Reporting & Test Certificate

Predefine and store up to 100 unique pressure tests and controller will give automated pass/fail for test. Downloadable reports provide documentation and certification of test.

Typical 3 Pump Hydrostatic Test Bench Application

In order to maximize efficiency and prolong the service life of high pressure hydraulic pumps, test benches often utilize multiple pumps for specific functions. The Triple Pump PT2020 allows operator to program a test using three pumps and walk away. The controller will run the test and provide a pass/fail report.

  • Pump 1 - Low pressure pump used to fill the item being tested
  • Pump 2 - Medium pressure pump drives the pressure to a specific setting
  • Pump 3 - High pressure pump delivers final test pressure

PT2020 Single Pump Controller

Part Number Cord Set (Region) Pump Size (psi)
25N950 US 10,000
25N951 US 25,000
25N952 US 40,000
25N953 US 60,000
25N954 US 75,000
25D815 UK 10,000
25D816 UK 25,000
25D817 UK 40,000
25D818 UK 60,000
25D819 UK 75,000
25D820 EU 10,000
25D821 EU 25,000
25D822 EU 40,000
25D823 EU 60,000
25D824 EU 75,000
25D825 AU 10,000
25D826 AU 25,000
25D827 AU 40,000
25D828 AU 60,000
25D829 AU 75,000

PT2020 Triple Pump Controller

Part Number Cord Set (Region) Pump Size (psi)
25S015 US 10,000
25S016 US 25,000
25S017 US 40,000
25S018 US 60,000
25S019 US 75,000
25S000 UK 10,000
25S001 UK 25,000
25S002 UK 40,000
25S003 UK 60,000
25S004 UK 75,000
25S005 EU 10,000
25S006 EU 25,000
25S007 EU 40,000
25S008 EU 60,000
25S009 EU 75,000
25S010 AU 10,000
25S011 AU 25,000
25S012 AU 40,000
25S013 AU 60,000
25S014 AU 75,000


Single Pump Controller

Three Pump Controller


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