AODD Transfer Pump Skid

High Pressure Equipment now offers ATEX Husky Transfer Pump Skids.These double diaphragm pump skids are primarily fluid transfer units that move fluid from one place to another. Standard Graco Husky pumps are built into stainless steel frames complete with ATEX rated air controls. These pumps can be customized per customer's needs.

HiP transfer skids feature Graco Husky pumps in sizes 3/8, ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1 ½”, 2” and 3” with the pumps center section available in either aluminum or polypropylene. The maximum pressure rating on these units is 100psi - working on a 1:1 ratio of pressure to air drive and the pumps offer flows ranging from 7 gpm to 300 gpm.  





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