Confined Gasket Closure Reactors

The Confined Gasket Closure reactors listed below are ideally suited for use at elevated temperatures and pressures as shown in the chart. Thrust bolts with a hardened thrust ring are supplied to insure positive seating of the gasket. Torque required on thrust bolts will range from 70 to 125 foot pounds, depending upon size of reactor, pressure, temperature and media being pressurized. Torquing of bolts should be done in a crisscross staggered patternto insure uniform seating. A commercial high temperature lubricant should always be applied to the bolt threads and outside cap threads to facilitate removal of the closure. 
     Standard material for the body, cover and gasket is Type 316 stainless steel. These reactors are suitable for either gas or liquid service and capacities range from 125mL to 6,750 mL. 
     Standard connections supplied are for 1/4" O.D. high pressure (coned and threaded) tubing (HF4). Models GC-1 and GC-3 have one connection in the cover. All other models have two connections in the cover and a thermowell that extends two-thirds of the inside depth. 
     Included with each reactor are eye bolts for lifting and necessary collars and glands for the connections. Vise flats are machined on to the bottom of the body for securing while assembling or disassembling closure.

Series GC Reactors

ID: 133: Series GC Reactors:4:1:9


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