OC Series O-Ring Seal Reactors (ID=19)

The OC Series provide a simple closure that is reliable and easy to assemble and disassemble. Standard material for the body and cover is Type 316 stainless steel. The standard O-ring material is BUNA-N. Temperature is limited by the O-ring to 250°F. 
     These reactors are suitable for either gas or liquid service. 
     Capacities range from 125 mL to 6,750 mL. 
     Standard connections are for 1/4" O.D. high pressure (coned and threaded) tubing (HF4). Models OC-1 and OC-3 have one connection in the cover. All other models have two connections in the cover. Contact factory if other connections and/or locations are preferred.

Series OC Reactors
ID: 132: Series OC Reactors:3:1:9


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