Tubular Series Reactor

The Tubular Series Reactors are double ended pressure vessels made from commercial quality cold drawn Type 304 stainless steel seamless tubing. Outside (non-wetted) caps are alloy steel. These are both economical and versatile vessels proven in demand for many applications. Finishes are commercial cold drawn finishes, with honed internal finishes. 
     Standard sizes are shown in the chart on page 10.11, but special lengths and modifications are easily supplied on request. One pressure connection for 1/4" O.D. high pressure coned and threaded tubing at each end is standard. Additional end connections are possible on the larger size models. Also, side connections and end cover thermowells can be supplied when required. Consult factory for special requirements. 
     O-Ring Closures are standard when temperatures do not exceed 250°F. This is an easily assembled closure requiring minimal torque for positive sealing. The standard O-ring material used is BUNA-N (nitrile) with various other O-ring materials available on request. 
     Confined Gasket Closures are available for temperatures up to 800°F. A 15% reduction in the listed working pressure is required at this elevated temperature level. These closures utilize a metal gasket (304 stainless steel) which can be torqued down for positive sealing. Torque requirements on the thrust bolts will range from 60 to 110 foot pounds depending on size, pressure, temperature and media being pressurized. These confined gasket closures are available for all models except the TOC1 and TOC3 series. When ordering, simply specify catalog number and add suffix "(W/Gasket)". 
     Piston Separators can be supplied with the O-ring closure vessels for use as compression cylinders. These are ideal for separating a liquid from a gas and other similar applications. The tubing body is supplied with a honed inside diameter surface to accommodate the piston. When ordering, simply specify catalog number and add suffix "(W/Piston)".

Tubular Series Reactors

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How To Order Tubular Series Reactors
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