Remetco Piston Operated Fine Metering Valves

For Liquids or Gases

Precise control with fast response is possible in fine metering applications to 60,000 psi with Remetco Valves. Pinpoint accuracy and repeatability are assured by a unique stem travel control device working in concert with a Conoflow operator, which is actuated by an input air pressure of only 15 psi. Body material is Type 316 stainless steel, with both stem and removable seat of 17-4PH. The stem tip is ground to a 9&Deg; included taper, with orifice sizes as listed in the ordering table. Installation requires only connection to an air supply of 20 to 100 psi. This is connected both to the supply air connection and to the instrument air inlet. The latter is regulated between 3 and 15 psi to actuate the valve to the desired position. Regulation is effected by the user's instrument or by the optional instrument panel at lower right. Thus the valve is in its full open position with a 3 psi air input and in the closed position with a 15 psi air input. 
Failsafe operation. In standard configuration, the valve OPENS upon failure of the air supply. It may also be supplied to close upon air failure, to open upon an increase in air signal, or any combination of these specifications. 
Remote Valve Positioner "RVP." Optional instrument panel shown at bottom can be ordered as an accessory. It is a manually operated remote air signal valve positioner which permits positioning the stem at any desired point within the 11/8" travel of the stem (11/2" travel on 20M series). The dial indicator is graduated into 100 increments; thus each dial increment moves the stem 0.0112". 
Standard inlet and outlet connectionsto the Remetco Valve are for 9/16" OD coned and threaded tubing. Adapters may be supplied for other tubing sizes upon request.  
Shutoff not recommended. While this valve is capable of on-off operation, it is designed as a fine metering instrument. To assure maximum stem life, a manual on-off valve should be used in the line upstream of the Remetco Valve.. 
To order, use assembly number in table and specify if operation is to be other than the standard closure upon air failure. Add "RVP" as suffix if remote air signal valve positioner is desired.

Dimensions shown for 10M, 30M and 60M size. Consult factory for 20M dimensions.
  Stems & Seats Carbide (for cyclic service)
Stellite (for cyclic service)
  Valve Bodies Hastelloy C, Hastelloy B 
Inconel 600, Inconel 625 
Incoloy 800, Incoloy 825 
Titanium Grade 2, Titanium 6AL4V 
  Packing PolyPak available for LF12 series only

Ordering Table

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