UN-V MxF Series Needle Valves (ID=282)

10,000 psi

The precision made 'UN-V' series, single isolation hand valve utilising metal to metal seat and body to bonnet connection for superior, bubble tight sealing capabilities at both extreme pressures and temperatures. This design also provides an economical method for venting pressure on the downstream making it easy for calibrating gauges and pressure switches. The 'UN-V' series also offers non-rotating hardened tip for extended service life. The unique anti-vibration cam locking device at the body bonnet connection is for extra safety.

  • Bubble tight metal to metal seat for positive shut off
  • 2 piece non-rotating hardened (17-4PH) tip for first time seal and long service life
  • Metal to metal body bonnet seal for high pressure and high temperature sealing
  • Unique bonnet locking cam. No accidental removal of head unit, or loosening due to vibration
  • Positive no slack stem action
  • Back sealing stem to extend packing life
  • Temperature range -40°C to 230°C
  • Available in 316/316L stainless steel
  • Downstream to atmosphere venting facility to enable calibration of instruments
  • Body to bonnet ingress seal fitted as standard to prevent crevice corrosion
  • Repair/service kits available to extend service life further
  • Full material traceability of major components
  • Materials of construction supplied to meet the requirements of NACE MR 0175

UN-V MxF Series Needle Valves

Part NumberSizeABBoreCVWeight
(in.) (mm) (in.) (mm) (in.) (mm) (lbs.) (Kg)
UN4NS-1M-V 1/2" NPT 2.68 68 1.34 34 0.20 5.0 0.70 1.04 0.47

Item NumberDescriptionMaterialQuantity
1 Needle Body A479 UNS S31600 1
2 Handle Bolt A4 ST/ST 1
3 "T" Handle UNS S31600 1
4 Isolate Dust Cap PVC 1
5 Gland Adjuster UNS S31600 1
6 Gland Packing RTFE 4
7 Needle Stem A479 UNS S31600 1
8 Gland Locknut UNS S31600 1
9 Bonnet Housing A479 UNS S31600 1
10 Ingress Seal VITON 1
11 Valve Tip A564 UNS S17400 1
12 Vent Plug A479 UNS S31600 1
13 Cam Screw A4 ST/ST 1
14 Locking Cam UNS S31600 1


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