Severe Duty Ball Valves (Trunion Style)

High Pressure Equipment Company introduces its TRUNION STYLE ball valves for effective shut-off of liquid and gas flow through 20,000 psi @ 400°F maximum. Our offering features a trunion ball design, making this type of valve ideal for severe duty applications. This valve is available in two-way or three-way configurations with orifices of .187", .375", .500" or 1.000". The two-way ball valve offers complete shut-off with a convenient 1/4 turn. The standard configuration of the three-way ball valve requires 1/2 turn to change port outlets and provides for complete shut-off. An optional diverter style three-way ball valve requires only a 1/4 turn to change the port outlets. Air operated actuators are available for remote control. Material of construction is 316 stainless steel, O-rings are Viton, ball seat is PEEK. Alternate materials of construction are available upon request.

  • Trunion style closure, ideal for severe duty applications
  • Two-way and three-way valve configurations
  • Three-way, 1/4 turn diverter valve
  • .187", .375", .500" or 1.000" orifices
  • Air actuators for remote operation
  • Convenient panel mount design (cut 11/16" diameter hole) .187 and .375 only
  • Large selection of tube and pipe fittings available
  • Optional wetted parts available
  • Optional O-rings available

Note: Bottom port must be used as the inlet on all three-way trunion ball valves

Two-Way Trunion Ball Valves -90°
ID: 77: Two-Way Trunion Ball Valves -90°:48:1:5

Two-Way Trunion Ball Valves -90°

ID: 189: Two-Way Trunion Ball Valves -90°:48:2:5

Three-Way Trunion Ball Valves
ID: 190: Three-Way Trunion Ball Valves:48:3:5

Three-Way Trunion Ball Valves

ID: 78: Three-Way Trunion Ball Valves:48:4:5


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