Custom Manifolds

Save installation time, space and reduce potential leak points!

High Pressure Equipment designs and manufactures custom pressure manifolds to meet nearly any specific installation, layout and pressure requirement. HiP pressure manifolds are an excellent option to minimize space requirements and reduce the installation time necessary to plumb a pressure system. In addition, custom manifolds reduce the number of potential leak points because of the reduced number of components used in a system.

HiP custom manifolds are available in a wide range of connection sizes and can accommodate pressures from 5,000 up to 60,000 psi, making them an ideal option within low, medium, NPT and high pressure systems. These manifolds also are available in a range of materials and configurations to address demanding environmental and layout requirements, as well as transitions in line sizes and tubing pressures.

Spec Your Custom Manifold

Please use the drawings and questions below to provide us with the critical parameters for your manifold. We will then provide you a quote and delivery time.

How many Ports?
What Type and Size connection?
Taper Seal:
Medium Pressure:
High Pressure:
Mounting Holes?
Special Spacing required?
If Yes, Spacing: inches
Pressure Rating?
Temperature Rating?
Material Standard is 316 SS

If No, special material required:
Manifold specs


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