60,000 psi High Pressure Valves

High Pressure (coned & threaded) type connections for 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 9/16" and 1" O.D. tubing. 
Non-rotating tip stems are standard on HF2, HF4, HF6 and HF9 for on-off service and insure long life on valve seats. Regulating tip stems are available for all valves at no additional cost, add - REG to part number. 
Glands and collars for tubing are supplied with each valve unless otherwise requested (glands and collars shown on pages 48 and 55). 
Materials include high tensile type 316 stainless steel bodies and hardened 17-4PH stainless steel lower section stems. 
Packing set consists of multiple Teflon packing with nylon back up, with optional Viton (350°F), BUNA-N (200°F) and Grafoil (800°F) available at no additional cost. 
Air operators for remote control operation are available for all valves. (Refer to Air Operator section of the catalog for additional data). 
Extreme temperatures can be accommodated using extended stuffing boxes (See Valve Options, page 47).

Valve Features
  • Non-rotating slotted stem design (standard for HF2, HF4, HF6 and HF9)
  • Packing below stem threads
  • Type 316 ss high tensile bodies
  • Positive gland lock device
  • No stem adjustment needed
  • Black T-handles or choice of 4 colors
  • Tube sizes 1/8" through 9/16"

Two Way Straight Valves

ID: 52: Two Way Straight Valves:26:1:3

Two Way Angle Valves

ID: 53: Two Way Angle Valves:26:2:3

Three Way Valves/Two Pressure Connections

ID: 54: Three Way Valves/Two Pressure Connections:26:3:3

Three Way Valves/One Pressure Connection

ID: 55: Three Way Valves/One Pressure Connection:26:4:3

Three Way/Two Stem Connection Valves

ID: 56: Three Way/Two Stem Connection Valves:26:5:3

Replaceable Seat Valves

ID: 57: Replaceable Seat Valves:26:6:3


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