Hydrogen Products

Hydrogen Valves Intro

A World Leader in High Pressure Solutions for Hydrogen Applications

HiP has been in the forefront of providing high pressure valves, fittings and tubing to support our customers as they incorporate hydrogen in their zero-carbon energy strategies. The ongoing build-out of the hydrogen refueling infrastructure necessary to support the fuel cell powered trucks, buses, cars, forklifts and other equipment depends on products designed and built to meet the unique challenges of hydrogen. HiP is a worldwide leader in delivering safe and reliable products to handle the high pressures and extreme temperatures associated with handling hydrogen.

A Complete Line of Standard Hydrogen Products

Over the last ten years, HiP has produced tens of thousands of valves and fittings for hydrogen applications. As demand has continued to increase, we have committed the resources to develop a complete line of standard products for use with hydrogen, all either in stock or available with short lead-times. We have engineered our high pressure valve stems, packing and associated soft goods to meet the unique requirements of hydrogen. The standard material for all HiP valve bodies and fittings is 316 stainless steel, which is hydrogen compatible. In addition, we offer a range of special materials such as hastelloy and monel.

High Pressure Coned & Threaded Connections

HiP hydrogen products use a high pressure coned and threaded connection which accommodates the high temperatures, high pressures and extreme conditions common in these applications.


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