Anti-Vibration Gland Assemblies

Tubing systems that are subject to extreme vibration or shock, such as mobile pressure systems or long tubing runs culminating at a compressor, will benefit from the use of High Pressure Equipment Company's Anti-Vibration Gland Assemblies. These assemblies utilize the same reliable connection geometries as the standard HiP fittings, with the added benefit of essentially unlimited vibrational fatigue life. 
     A coned and threaded tube, when subjected to unusual or excessive vibration, may fail prematurely and break at the last thread. The Anti-Vibration Gland Assembly acts to move the fulcrum of vibration away from the threaded portion of the tube and onto the strong, solid wall of the tubing. A wedge-like collet firmly holds the assembly in place, virtually eliminating premature tubing failure while reliably maintaining a leak-free connection between the tube and the connection seat.

Medium Pressure Anti-Vibration Gland Assemblies

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Anti-Vibration Components

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