NPT Safety Heads (ID=125)

The male inlet design can be inserted directly into the tubing connections of valves and various fittings such as tees and crosses, or located in pressure vessels.

Outlet connections are 3/8" pipe (NPT). This outlet may be connected to a suitable discharge line to vent pressure to a safe location in the event of bursting of the rupture disc. Torque required for sealing rupture discs will range from 40 to 90 foot pounds, depending upon pressure and media being used.

Material of body and hold down nut is high tensile 316 stainless steel.
Note: Rupture discs are not included and must be ordered as a separate item.

CE marked safety heads are now available, add -CE to end of standard part number. Consult factory for pricing.

Male Inlet Safety Heads

ID: 174: Male Inlet Safety Heads:89:1:14

Tee Type Safety Heads
ID: 394: Tee Type Safety Heads:89:2:14

Female Inlet (Straight) Safety Heads
ID: 395: Female Inlet (Straight) Safety Heads:89:3:14


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