ASTRAGAUGE High Pressure Gauges

High Pressure Equipment has added the full line of ASTRAGAUGE high pressure gauges, ROTASEAL high pressure swivels and high pressure Gauge Snubbers to their product family. ASTRAGAUGE has established a reputation for producing highly accurate and reliable bourdon-tube style gauges for pressures up to 150,000 psi.

Note: HiP Announces Discontinuation of ASTRAGAUGE Product Family


  • Wall or Flush Mounting
  • Bottom or Back Connected
  • 6" Diameter Black-on-White Dial
  • All "Wetted" Parts 316 SS
  • Accuracy - 1/2 of 1% Ascending Pressure or 3/4 of 1% for 150,000 psi
  • 7,500 PSI to 150,000 PSI
  • 316 SS Multiturn (10 turns) Bourdon Element (Ni-Span "C" for 150,000 PSI)
  • Turret Type Heavy Duty Sealed Aluminum Case
  • Oxygen, Gas, & Water Service
  • PSI: Kg/Cm2; Megapascals; Bars
  • Polycarbonate Front Window

ACCURACY The standard accuracy is 1/2 of 1% pressure or 3/4 of 1% for 150,000 psi. All gauges are calibrated against NIST traceable dead weight testers accurate to 1/10 of 1% or against a certified master gauge. Gauges are checked at a minimum of five (5) points.

ELEMENT Of specially cold drawn and cold formed 316 SS. This multiturn (10 turns) helical Bourdon tube gives longer life and provides better accuracy. It is used in all ranges to 100,000 PSI. Ni-Span "C" is used for 150,000 PSI. Element has mechanically sealed end to permit cleaning when required (as for oxygen service). No soldered or welded joints. Available in 14 ranges as shown in table.

PRESSURE TEST All gauges are "over-pressurized" to 130% of the rated pressure (except for 150,000 which is proof tested at 180,000 PSI) and cycled to full pressure prior to calibrating.


MOVEMENT For best accuracy and smoothness of operation, a special bronze movement is used. Zero adjustment is achieved by means of a micro pointer gear arrangement. The range can be field adjusted from the outside of the case, provided a suitable calibration standard is available.

DIAL PSI/MPA dual dial is standard scale. Special orders are available. (i.e. KgCm2, Bar, MPA)

SOCKET ADAPTER AND SPECIAL OPENINGS We can offer (on special order) sockets for (7,500 - 30,000) 1/2" NPT or 1/2" NPS (straight) but caution that at the higher pressures it will be difficult to achieve leak free joints.

SAFETY The case is the turret type and of heat treated high tensile aluminum having a heavy section between the viewer and the Bourdon element, thus providing safety in case of element failure. The standard dial face is an easily removable polycarbonate plastic, sealed with a Tetra-Seal gasket. A light, plastic, frangible diaphragm back sealed to the case by an "O" ring, provides safety in case of element failure, proven by tests to be the safest possible design.

OPTIONS Maximum pressure indicator, pointer stop, special order dial.

PRESSURE CONNECTION Standard is 1/4" high pressure (1/4" HP, F250C, H F-4) available in bottom or back connected in all ranges up to 100,000 PSI. For the higher pressure ranges (e.g. 50,000 to 150,000 PSI) we can offer our 2V connection suitable for 1/16" ID or 3/8" OD x 1/16" ID tubing. See details of these connections below.


1/4" High Pressure

3/8" High Pressure


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