Gauge Snubber

The gauge snubber is a device used to "smooth" out the pressure fluctuations created by reciprocating pumps commonly used to develop the high pressures required for waterjet cutting. This "smoothing" action provides more accurate pressure indication and extends the life and calibration of the pressure gauge.

Gauge Snubber
  • Standard Connections: 1/4" HP (9/16" HP available)
  • Working Pressure: 60,000 PSI
  • Design: 75,000 PSI
  • Size: 1-1/8" Hex x 4-1/4" lg.
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Materials/Construction: High Tensile 316 SS and 17-4 PHSS

The unit consists of a small pressure vessel (approximately 3 cc. in volume) in conjunction with a 12" length of small bore (.010" ID) capillary. The pressure enters the small vessel volume and gauge through the capillary and is trapped momentarily thus "smoothing" out the pressure pulse. A stainless steel filter (20 micron) is included at the entrance of the capillary to prevent dirt or foreign objects from clogging the small bore of the capillary.

The gauge snubber concept has proven to be superior to using a valve having an extremely small orifice, or a close fitting pin in a cylinder, due to clogging or instability. While the bore of .010" ID may appear be quite small, it is actually very large when compared to the orifices required for "snubbing" using other means.


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