Hastelloy Valves (ID=86)

A large number of the valves and fittings shown within this catalog are frequently furnished in special materials to meet the requirements of specific applications. One of the most commonly requested "special" materials is Hastelloy C-276. While very few components are maintained in stock in special materials, a supply of Hastelloy C-276 is normally available. 
     The following should be observed when requesting items in Hastelloy C-276 or other special materials: 
     Tubing collars and glands for High Pressure coned-andthreaded connections are "non-wetted" parts which do not normally come into contact with the fluid or gas. Thus these items are supplied in 316 stainless steel unless otherwise specified. 
     The inner sleeve connection of the Taper Seal is a "wetted" part and must be of the same material as the valve or fitting body. The Taper Seal gland is a "non-wetted" part and is supplied in 316 stainless steel unless otherwise requested. 
     Physical size of Hastelloy C-276 or other special material items may vary from the dimensions of standard items shown in this catalog, depending on availability of materials. (Parts normally supplied in hex shaped material are frequently supplied in round shaped material with wrench flats when manufacturing from special materials). 
     Packing material in all special material valves is Teflon unless otherwise specified. 
     Other materials in addition to Hastelloy C-276, valves and fittings can be furnished in Monel, Inconel, titanium and various other special materials. Consult factory for price and delivery.

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