Male Bottom Connection Valves

Connections. This series of valves is offered in a few select variations which are most frequently required. They have been developed for applications where rigidity is a major concern (such as gas bottles) and where space is restricted. Pipe connections as well as High Pressure (coned and threaded) connections are available as listed in tables below. Additionally, these valves can be supplied with rupture disc assemblies (safety heads) installed directly into the valve body as shown (see page 3.7 for listing of rupture discs). 
     Stems. The Male Bottom Connection Valves are supplied with a one-piece (solid construction) stem to maximize sensitivity of "feel" and to reduce overall height. The non-rotating tip stem design as featured on other valves may be supplied as an option at no additional charge. 
     Materials include high tensile Type 316 stainless steel valve bodies and hardened 17-4PH stainless steel stems. 
     Packing is Teflon (450°F) standard with optional Viton (350°F), BUNA-N (200°F) and Grafoil (650°F) available at no additional cost. 
     Air operators for remote control operation are available for all valves. (Select required valve and add "HIPCO"). 
     Rupture discs must be ordered separately (see section 3.7). 
     Special valves with connections other than those listed can be manufactured on special order when quantity permits. Consult factory with specifications.b

Male Bottom Connection Valves (Without Safety Head)

Male Bottom Connection Valves (with Safety Head)


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