Micro Control Metering Valves

The Micro Control Metering Valve assembly is available for all of the valves in the 60,000 psi series. This unique stem design operates on the principle of a right-hand threaded component operating in an opposite direction of motion to a left-hand threaded component.
As the pitch sizes of these threads are different from each other, a very fine and precise stem travel is made possible. This provides exceptional control that is not possible with ordinary fine pitched stem designs.
Each complete revolution of the stem provides 0.005" stem travel. The vernier indicator allows readings in increments of one-tenth of a revolution (0.0005" stem travel). 
     The non-rotating lower section stem is ground to a 9 degree included angle to insure maximum control. While this valve may be turned to the fully off (closed) position, it is always preferable to provide a separate on-off valve in the system to protect the precise control of the metering valve. 
     When ordering, simply specify the valve catalog number from the 60,000 psi series and add the suffix "-V" (example: 60-11HF4-V.)



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