Assembly Procedure

Correctly Assembled Taper Seal Connection

Taper Seal Assembly Procedure - AF2, AF4 and AF6 Connections

Correctly Assembled Taper Seal Connection
  1. Put a small amount of lubricant on the area where the outer collar and inner sleeve come in contact with each other. This will reduce the friction when the outer collar slides over the inner sleeve. 
  2. Assemble the Taperseal gland, sleeve and tubing into the component or assembly mandrel and tighten finger-tight.
  3. Using the appropriate size wrench, rotate the gland nut clockwise one half turn and stop. Back off the gland nut and repeat this step approximately 3 - 4 times until the gland stops rotating or "bottoms out". Do not rotate the gland nut continuously clockwise or galling between the outer collar and inner sleeve may occur.
  4. Remove the tube with the gland and sleeve attached, and inspect the sleeve assembly to be sure the outer collar has slid completel2 down over the inner sleeve. No gaps should be present.
  5. Refer to page 142 of the Technical Information Section of our catalog for Recommended Torque / Tubing Connections. Torque the tubing gland to the value listed on the chart.
  6. Refer to the catalog page 17 for proper connection diagram and component details.
    • Please note that a mandrel can be used to properly make-up the connection rather than using the actual component. Using the mandrel will prevent any galling of the female component threads. Mandrels can be purchased from HiP.

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