Rupture Discs

Standard rupture discs are available from stock in burst pressures as listed in the chart below. All pressures through 15,000 psi are shaded. These discs are 316 stainless steel (except for 1,000 psi which are inconel) and may be used with any of the safety heads shown. Note that these rupture discs are supplied with a range of plus 6% and minus 3% of specified burst pressure. Samples of each batch are then tested and typically the actual average burst pressure is stamped on an accompanying metal tag. There is a +/- 5% burst tolerance applied after the burst pressure has been established. Factors influencing rupture =disc life include corrosion, metal fatigue, and cyclic effects. Periodic replacement is recommended to prevent premature failure.

Standard Burst Pressures (in psi at 72°F)

ID: 13: Standard Burst Pressures (in psi at 72°F):7:1:1


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